Over 9 million of us own a dog like Tig here and exercising them safely is vital.



Many people prefer to use a harness like this instead of the traditional dog collar, because it puts less pressure on the dog and gives us better control over our four-legged friend.



However, this one is a fake and using it could be disastrous.



Come here Tig, come on, come on.



Good boy, sit!






This warehouse in Yorkshire is the UK home of Julius-K9, a specific brand of dog harness.



Ruth Kendra knows this product inside out.

露絲‧肯德拉(Ruth Kendra)非常了解這個產品。


We supply to all the UK police forces, protection dogs, search-and-rescue dogs.



The harnesses should for the biggest and strongest of dogs.



Harnesses like this come at a , whilst a standard lead and collar can be had for under , harnesses will set you back double that or more.



Dog owners will feel strongly enough to spend the extra cash on these in the hope it will stop their dog ever coming loose in a dangerous place.



But fakers have been targeting those same concerned owners with poorly made rip-off harnesses.



So, when they have an issue, they will contact us direct. Normally to complain that there’s a problem with the harness. It’s only after investigation that we find out that the majority of these harnesses are fake, and it’s compromised the strength of the item.

因此,當他們遇到問題時,他們會直接與我們品牌聯繫。 通他們會常抱怨,因為胸背帶有問題。經調查後,我們才發現大多數的這些胸背帶是假的,並且產品強度還大打折扣。


Some fake Julius-K9 are easy to spot, with the imitations not even getting their name right, but other fakes look identical to the genuine products



In Melton, Lincolnshire, Sarah Batty is taking her dog going for a stroll. She recently invested in what she thought was a new Julius-K9 harness from an online auction site for 25 pounds.

在林肯郡的梅爾頓,莎拉‧巴蒂(Sarah Batty)帶著她的狗去散步。 她最近在網拍花了25英鎊投資在她認為是新款的Julius-K9®胸背带上。


I was walking with some friends and he had it on. He had a long line attached, because he was very young at the time. And he was only like six-seven months, and recall was non-existent, bless him.



So, Sarah bought the harness to ensure he wouldn’t get free and puts himself in danger, but it was about to have the complete opposite effect.



He pulled off to go up top towards a hill whinning up some friends and with that the harness just failed.



The line snapped off the harness and Guy was nowhere to be seen. Sarah feared for his safety.

牽繩扯壞了胸背帶,而狗狗 蓋伊(Guy)已消失在視野中。莎拉害怕牠會出意外。


There’s a quite busy road, just to one side to the other side there is a farm with cattle, so the family has the right if he feels his animals are spooked to shoot.



She made a frantic dash to get her dog back.



With traffic speeding along the nearby busy road she had to be quick.



Fortunately, Sarah managed to catch Guy before he came to any harm. And she soon realized the harness she had bought was a badly made fake.

幸運的是,在蓋伊(Guy)遇到任何傷害之前,莎拉有辦法抓住他。 她很快意識到她買的胸背帶是一個做得很糟糕的假貨。


This is where it broke, that’s where the D-ring was attached. It could have been so much worse. I’m kind of glad I was with friends, that could help me get him.

這裡就是斷裂的地方,那就是D形環所附著的位置。 情況可能會更糟。 我很高興當時我和朋友在一起,這可以幫助我找到牠。


We decided to get the fake harness examined.



Today at an independent test house in Leeds, technical manager Ian Strubrick is going to compare the performance of a fake against a real one.

今天在利茲的一家獨立測試機構,技術經理伊恩‧斯特布里克(Ian Strubrick)將要比較假貨與真貨的效能。


What we’re going to do, is we’re going to clump the base of the mannequin and attach the D-ring to the mobile jaw and apply an upward force.



First up is the genuine harness.



We know that this harness is sized for the 30-kilo dog, so the force that will be applied will be 30 kilos, as the dog is applying and a wayward force of 60 kilo as the owner tries to hold on to the dog in the opposite direction.



This stress test will calculate how much force the harness can withstand before snapping and allowing your dog to run free.



This is telling us the maximum force achieved by the product, which was 4079 Newtons. So, in the reason of 400 kilos, through that size of harness on a dog of up to 30 kilos, that strength is extremely good. Shouldn’t give any problems of breakage in use.



Let’s see how the fake harness compares.



The genuine harness withstood a force of over 4000 Newtons before snapping. What about the fake?



The test result for this particular fake is 1532 Newtons, this means that the fake is three times lower in terms of strength than the genuine. And obviously therefore, is potentially three times more likely to give you an issue. It’s very conceivable, that this could mean a failure of the harness in use, which obviously then means the dog is escaping from the owner.



For dog lover Sarah, having experienced first hand just how distressing can be when a fake harness fails, she thinks it’s worth investing a little extra time to find a genuine seller.



Money that you save from going to one of these discounted websites, it’s just not worth it when you think of what it could cost with the animal came injured, or you know, the emotional distress of anything worse, it’s just not worth it.



Life without Guy would not be worth living to be fair, he is my rock, and I know that sounds deaf, people say they are just dog, but he is not, he is part of the family.